Your electrical panel is the master controller of how power is sent to each area of your home. With external wires from the street connecting to your home’s internal wires, your electrical panel controls how much power is sent to your lights, appliances, and more. An outdated or malfunctioning electrical panel can lead to electrical problems or even house fires. 

At Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air Pros, our experts will help you stay on top of electrical issues with electrical panel installation and replacement in Lancaster, OH.

Signs Your Electrical Panel Needs Replacement

A malfunctioning electrical panel can lead to serious electrical problems in your home. With the U.S. Fire Department reporting an annual average of 47,820 fires resulting from electrical failure or malfunction, it's important to stay on top of any warning signs your electrical panel may be showing. Here are the top signs it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel: 

  • It’s over 25 years old: Electrical panels typically have a lifespan of 25 to 40 years. If yours has reached this age, it’s important to have a technician perform an inspection, even if you don’t notice warning signs. Our certified electricians in Lancaster, OH will be able to check for any signs of damage or malfunction.
  • It’s broken or rusting: If there are any visible signs of rust, water damage, or corrosion when you open your electrical panel, contact one of our electricians right away as this is a clear signal that it needs to be replaced.
  • You’re constantly flipping the breaker: When too much power is drawn to an area of your home, your electrical panel may trip and you will need to flip the breaker for power to flow again. It’s normal for this to happen occasionally, however, if you find yourself constantly resetting tripped breakers, it’s time to have your panel inspected.
  • You notice burning smells: If your electrical panel is producing burning or strange smells, it’s cause for serious concern. If the smell is subtle and goes away, contact an electrician to come assess the panel. However, if the smell is overwhelming and you’re concerned that a fire has broken out, immediately contact emergency services.
  • Your electrical panel is hot to the touch: An electrical panel that’s warm or hot to the touch is a sign of severe malfunction and a signal that it needs an upgrade.
  • Sparks fly when you plug something in: If large or constant sparks are flying when you plug something into an outlet, you likely have an electrical problem that needs to be inspected.
  • Flickering lights: If your lights are constantly flickering, or they dim when you use an appliance such as a dishwasher, this is a signal that too much power is being drawn and you need to upgrade your electrical panel.
  • You’re remodeling your home: If you’re preparing to remodel your home, this is the best time to have your electrical panel replaced. As you upgrade your space, you’ll likely need an electrical panel upgrade as well.

Benefits of Upgrading to a New Electrical Panel

Upgrading your electrical panel comes with many benefits to your home and safety. The top benefits include:

  • Home safety: An outdated or malfunctioning electrical panel can lead to serious electrical problems including home fires. Upgrading your system ensures that your home is safe from electrical issues and reduces the threat of fires.
  • Higher outlet capability: Upgrading your electrical panel allows you to install more outlets in your home, as it can provide more power. Having more outlets can improve the convenience and functionality of your home.
  • Longer-lasting appliances: With an upgraded electrical panel, you no longer need to worry that shocks or tripping circuits are going to damage your home appliances. Your equipment will be protected and have a longer lifespan.
  • Increased home value: Upgrading your home’s electrical panel can increase the quality and functionality of your home and boost its value. An outdated electrical panel is one of the main things that should be updated if you’re looking to increase the value of your home.
  • Improved electrical performance: Replacing your electrical panel will prevent tripped breakers, shocks, or dips in performance that can be inconvenient or dangerous.

The Electrical Panel Replacement Process

If you’re ready for a residential panel replacement in Ohio, our trusted technicians will make it a quick and easy process. An electrical panel replacement typically takes one day. One of our technicians will disconnect the current panel from the power source, replace the breaker, and install a hookup to manage the upgraded power. 

The average cost for an upgraded electrical panel ranges from $800 to $4,000, with the final cost depending on the amperage of power that your home requires. It’s a worthwhile investment that will result in higher functionality and value for your home.

Upgrading an electrical panel is a dangerous job that should not be done without the help of an electrical professional. Our technicians have the training and skills to complete the task safely and professionally.

Choose Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air Pros for Electrical Panel Replacement in Lancaster, OH

If you suspect that your electrical panel needs to be replaced or are looking to have an electrician inspect it — contact us at Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air Pros. We offer electrical panel installation and upgrades throughout Lancaster, OH, and the surrounding areas. We’ll install and upgrade your electrical panel to improve your home’s electrical system and keep you safe from potential hazards. 

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FAQs About Electrical Panel Replacement

Can I add more circuits without replacing the panel?

Yes, a circuit can be added without replacing the electrical panel. However, it is often more cost-effective to have the panel replaced, with circuit additions averaging around $700. We can help you with all your circuit breaker replacements in Lancaster.

Can an electrical panel be repaired?

There are some electrical panel issues that can be repaired, rather than replaced. For example, loose or damaged wires can be fixed without replacing the entire electrical panel. Contact us for Lancaster panel repair services and we’ll schedule a technician to come inspect your electrical panel to determine the best solution for your needs.