Living in Lancaster, Ohio, you know how important it is to have hot water in the winter, and the last thing you want to have to deal with is a hot water problem. At Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air Pros, we offer water heater repair in Lancaster, OH, with efficient service, a 24-hour hotline answered by real people, and a satisfaction guarantee. 

Common Water Heater Problems

These are some of the most common issues water heaters have:

  • Leaking water tank
  • Broken or malfunctioning thermostats
  • Malfunctioning pressure relief valves
  • Burst, cracked, or leaking pipes
  • Old, broken, or worn-out parts that need replacement
  • Loose or damaged bolts on the heating element
  • Damaged gaskets

All of our Lancaster water heater repair technicians and plumbers are experienced and knowledgeable in repairing all water heater makes and models. Whether you need a quick water heater repair or a full replacement, we offer high-quality, efficient service with a smile. 

8 Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

Water heaters are made to last, on average, for eight to 15 years, with most of them experiencing problems after a decade of use. These are some signs that you may need water heater repair by our professional technicians:

1. Water leaks

Water may leak from the tank or the pipes connecting to it. Leaks may happen because of corrosion in the tank, a worn-out anode rod, faulty pipe connections, a defective pressure relief valve, or damaged in-line valves. 

2. Strange noises 

Hearing any strange sound from your water heater is not a good sign, and should be taken seriously. If you hear sizzling, rumbling, screeching, cracking, popping, or banging, it could mean a water valve or pressure issue, an anode rod issue, or it could mean the tank has a sediment buildup inside. Any odd noises coming from your water heater warrant an inspection. Call Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air Pros any time to schedule an appointment, including emergency services that are available 24/7. 

3. Strange smells

If your water smells off, there may likely be a problem. A garbage-like scent could mean your water tank needs flushing, while a garlic scent could mean that the anode rod is worn out or you have sediment in the tank. A rotten egg smell might be a dangerous gas leak. All of these issues will require professional help from a plumber.

4. Discolored water 

If the hot water coming from your tap is brown or rusty, it’s time to have a plumber assess the situation. Discolored water could mean the interior of the tank is rusting or that you need to replace your anode rod. 

5. The pilot light keeps going out 

If your water heater’s pilot light is a split flame, yellow, flickers, or continually goes out, you may have a problem with your thermocouple or there may be an airflow or venting issue in a dirty line.

6. The water gets too hot 

If the water coming out of your tap is scalding hot, it may be due to a broken or reset thermostat, a blocked pressure valve, or a high mineral content in the water impeding the heater’s ability to properly control the temperature.

7. You have to wait a long time for hot water 

Older water heaters tend to become less effective over time because of sediment build-up in the tank. Long wait times for hot water could also be because you‘ve installed flow restrictors on shower heads or other fixtures or because you have uninsulated pipes that can’t stand up to the cold Ohio winter weather.

8. Your hot water runs out too quickly

Hot water that doesn’t last may simply happen because the size of your water heater can’t keep up with the number of people in the home, or it may be due to sediment in the tank, a broken dip tube, or a faulty thermostat. A professional plumber will be able to determine the cause.

Our Water Heater Repair Services

If your water heater sounds funny or if you’ve noticed a leak or another issue, you can call our team 24 hours a day. When our plumbers come to your home, they’ll do a thorough inspection to determine what the issue is and let you know their honest assessment. We offer free, no-obligation estimates, letting you know an approximate cost and what to expect so you can make an informed decision before committing.

Our team takes care to be respectful in your home and will take your concerns seriously. Whether you are having an emergency or your heater just needs some routine maintenance, we’ll diagnose the problem and work efficiently so your family has hot water back quickly. 

Some of the repair services we offer include:

  • Repairing and replacing thermostats, gaskets, valves, and other parts
  • Tightening heating element bolts
  • Repairing leaking tanks and pipes 
  • Checking electrical connections

When speaking to our expert water heater technicians, Ohio residents can also ask about replacing a broken or aging water heater with a new, efficient, ENERGY STAR-rated model that will work great and save money on your energy bill. 

Why Choose Us for Water Heater Repair in Lancaster, Ohio

After choosing Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air Pros for residential water heater services, Lancaster residents can relax, knowing professionals are on the job. We’re known for our exceptional service, efficient work, and competitive pricing. 

If you need water heater repair in Lancaster or the surrounding Ohio area, you can trust Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air Pros to identify the cause of your challenges and provide a solution at a reasonable cost. 

Contact Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air Pros for Water Heater Repair

At Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air Pros, we understand that you and your family need hot water for your showers, laundry, dishes, and more. If you have a water heater issue, we’ll do all we can to help, from offering free no-obligation estimates to providing helpful coupons on our website to help you save. 

We take pride in our excellent reputation throughout the Lancaster area and will always offer fair prices, honest assessments, and reliable service to our customers. For gas, electric, or tankless water heaters, we offer quick servicing, maintenance, repairs, and replacement so your life can get back to normal while keeping your home and family safe. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, contact us at (614) 869-3969, or schedule a service call online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal for my water heater to make strange noises?

No, it is not normal for your water heater to make strange noises. If you hear whining, clicking, popping, banging, screeching, sizzling, or rumbling noises, you should contact a plumber to assess the issue. It could be a simple fix or it may point to a serious or dangerous problem. 

Why is my water heater taking longer to heat the water?

There are several reasons why a water heater takes a long time to heat the water. Your heater may be getting old, with sediment in the tank impeding its heating capabilities. The water may also take a long time to heat up because you have uninsulated pipes or because you have installed low-flow shower heads that allow less water through at once.

Are there signs of a water heater leak, and how can I identify them?

Some common signs of a water heater leak are seeing water on the floor surrounding the tank or on top of the heater and hearing dripping sounds.

What should I do if I notice a drop in hot water pressure?

If you notice your hot water pressure has dropped, you can check the tank for leaks and call a professional plumber to ensure your heater’s valves are working correctly. 

Is it common for water heaters to have fluctuating temperatures?

No, a water heater should not have fluctuating temperatures — this is a sign that the tank has sediment inside, or that the heating element or the thermostat is failing. Contact your local Lancaster water heater repair specialist to inspect your system and determine the solution that’s right for you.