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The Alex Cares program strives to “provide a paw” by selecting a household that is underprivileged, poorly supported, or suffering a hardship that truly needs our home services but cannot afford it. We want to support the community that supports us. We want to make a difference in our community and believe everyone deserves a warm, safe home. We strive to make Columbus a better community, one helping hand at a time. Ohio winters are brutal that is why we believe everyone deserves an opportunity to have warm water and a warm home, no matter your situation. Nothing makes Apex happier than helping someone in need out and changing their life for the better.

How Alex Cares Works

If you would like to nominate a loved one in need in need of our service for Alex Cares, you can send us a quick and detailed story submission with the email address of the person submitting, who they are submitting for, and a description of their current situation. After considering our nominations, one lucky person is selected and contacted. We will send out our best technicians at no charge and help someone who truly needs it.

Nominate Someone Today!

We want to make our community a better place with warmer people. Financing situations can be a nightmare, especially when you need service quickly. That is why we created Alex Cares. The Alex Cares program reviews nominations regularly and is dedicated to making Columbus a better place for those who are struggling in our community and need support.

We invite you nominate someone for Alex Cares today!

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