Circuit breakers are among your home's most reliable and important safety devices. Your electrical panel has multiple breakers, each connected to a different electrical circuit. A breaker cuts power to its circuit if a problem is detected, preventing further damage, but if it malfunctions or wears out, your home and family may be in danger. 

Fortunately, homeowners in Columbus, OH, and surrounding areas can depend on Apex for professional circuit breaker installation and replacement services. We’re available 24/7 for emergencies. Our licensed, trained, and experienced electricians promptly and effectively address any type of circuit breaker issue you might have, ensuring your electrical system is safe and reliable.

The Importance of a Reliable Circuit Breaker

Each circuit breaker monitors the current passing through it. Electricity should reach lights, appliances, and devices at a relatively constant voltage. But if the load reaches an unsafe level, the breaker will trip or shut off to prevent electrical wiring from melting, a circuit from shorting out, or a house fire from causing extensive damage, injuries, or worse. 

A breaker switch is connected by a hot wire to an electromagnet or bimetallic strip that triggers it in the presence of excessive current. In the past, fuses would blow to protect from overloads and then have to be replaced. Instead, a circuit breaker automatically switches off. It can then be reset by moving it from the middle position to the off position; after a few seconds or unplugging a few devices from an overloaded circuit, switch the breaker back on. 

To function reliably and safely, a breaker must be the right size for the circuit or application (15A, 20A, etc.) and inspected regularly as recommended by your electrician.

Signs You Need Circuit Breaker Services

When you have a faulty breaker, the only option is to replace it. The replacement breaker must be the same size and voltage and the power must be turned off at the main switch. Any mistakes can cause a burn, shock, or electrocution (and possibly extensive damage to the panel or your home electrical system), so hire a professional electrician to ensure the job is done safely and correctly.

Common indicators you may need circuit breaker installation/replacement include:

  • Frequent Tripping: The breaker trips when appliances or devices are used simultaneously. You can flip the switch on every time, but this can lead to more severe issues.
  • Audible Buzzing or Humming: These sounds from the circuit breaker can mean it is overloaded or faulty and should be replaced by a professional.
  • Ongoing Electrical Issues Despite Other Repairs: If you’ve had an outlet or fixture repaired or a wire replaced and are still having issues, a defective circuit breaker may be the source.

Circuit Breaker Services We Offer

At Apex, we provide a full range of circuit breaker services to ensure your home electrical system is safe and fully functional. Customers in and around Columbus depend on us for:

Circuit Breaker Installation Services

Our electricians first assess your home’s electrical needs to select a properly sized replacement breaker. The breaker must match the load rating for the circuit, whether it’s for light fixtures, electronics, or a major appliance such as a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, dryer, or air conditioner. We install single-pole and double-pole breakers and, if necessary, can replace/upgrade your entire electrical panel (whether to increase capacity or upgrade from a fuse panel to a modern breaker panel). All our work is code-compliant and meets the latest safety standards.

Circuit Breaker Replacement Services

Circuit breakers can last for decades but can wear out, malfunction, or become outdated before then. Newer models are coming out all the time. Some of the latest safety features include smart monitoring and control. If your circuit breakers aren’t working properly or are out-of-date, we’ll replace them to improve the safety and efficiency of your home electrical system. The process is typically quick and easy for our trained professionals.

Electrical Inspections for Circuit Breakers

Periodic electrical inspections should include checking and testing your circuit breakers. Our technicians are trained to identify potential hazards, such as faulty components, signs of burns or arcing, or improper connections. They can spot signs that you might miss and that can precede more serious problems. They can also assess the overall health of your electrical panel to determine whether it meets the electrical requirements of your home.

Emergency Circuit Breaker Services

Apex is available 24/7. If you have an electrical emergency, such as a failed circuit breaker, we respond quickly and send help. Immediate assistance ensures the issue is identified and resolved before there’s more damage. Prompt action, prevention of potential electrical hazards, and fast, permanent solutions are proof of our commitment to customer satisfaction and maintaining the safety and function of your home.

Professional Consultations

Columbus, OH, area homeowners can trust us for professional advice about circuit breaker installation or replacement. Each job starts with a comprehensive assessment and inspection of your home’s electrical system. We’ll also review your current and future electrical needs. Choosing the right circuit breaker is crucial, and our team provides expert guidance on the best options. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Every solution is customized based on your specific household requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a circuit breaker to trip frequently?

The most common reasons for a circuit breaker to trip repeatedly include:

  • Overloads
  • Short circuits
  • Ground faults
  • Arc faults
  • Electrical surges
  • Loose or damaged wires
  • Old breakers
  • Faulty appliances

How often should I have my circuit breakers inspected?

Circuit breakers and electrical panels should be inspected every two to three years. Some electricians recommend inspections every three to five years.

Can I upgrade a circuit breaker to increase the electrical load?

Installing a larger breaker in place of an existing one can cause an overload and increase the risk of a fire. Consult with an electrician on whether to also re-wire the receptacle or panel or replace the panel altogether.

Are smart circuit breakers worth considering for my home?

Smart circuit breakers can be monitored and operated remotely via an internet connection or smartphone app. Although more costly to install, they can help with energy management, load balancing, and demand response as well as include safety features such as fault detection plus self-testing and diagnostics. 

How do I identify if my circuit breaker is outdated or recalled?

Have the breaker replaced if it’s old or isn’t working properly. Breakers and panels are sometimes recalled; older panels made by Federal Pacific Electric, Zinsco, Challenger Electrical Equipment Corp, Eaton/Cutler-Hammer, and Pushmatic have been subject to recalls. An electrical inspector can identify an outdated or recalled circuit breaker or electrical panel.

Call Apex for Circuit Breaker Installation and Replacement

We’re committed to prompt and efficient service in and around Columbus, OH, and are licensed to install and replace circuit breakers. Our trained technicians select the right-sized breaker, properly connect wiring, and test each unit to ensure your electrical system is safe and functional. They also use the highest quality products and materials. For top-of-the-line circuit breaker solutions, contact us online or call (614) 585-8814 today.