Your sewer line, also called a main line, shuttles the waste from your drains to the city connection or your septic system. When you have a sewer problem, you usually know right away. It’s important to get it resolved as soon as possible before extensive damage can occur. 

At Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air Pros, we're here to help. Our sewer services in Columbus, OH are available 24/7, so any time you experience a blockage or leak, our plumbers will get to you quickly. 

Signs of Sewer Problems

Even minor sewer problems usually have obvious signs. But, there are times when a big issue seemingly pops up out of nowhere. Big and small, here are some of the common signs to look out for:

  • Slow drains
  • A gurgling toilet
  • A clogged tub or toilet with sewage backup
  • Puddles of water around the drain
  • Bad smells coming from your drains or toilet
  • Cracks in your walls
  • Higher water bills

Our Residential Sewer Services

Whether you need sewer repairs, want to upgrade your sewer system, or are buying or selling your home, you need the help of a professional plumber. Our licensed plumbers can repair, service, inspect, and clean your sewer system.

Sewer inspection

We've invested in state-of-the-art sewer and camera inspection equipment. Our high-definition cameras will help us identify the problem with your sewer system, and our advanced tools can quickly clear it. A sewer inspection can also uncover potential problems in the line, saving you from future headaches and costly repairs.

Sewer cleaning

A thorough sewer cleaning can restore your home's plumbing and sewage service. We use advanced tools and techniques to clean your drains and keep your sewage lines clear. Regular sewer cleaning and maintenance can help stop problems before they start and prolong the life of your system.

Sewer repairs

At Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air Pros, our expert technicians provide fast and thorough repairs to your sewage system. We've been serving the Greater Columbus area for years with plumbing and sewer services you can rely on. Whether you have a clogged drain, a burst pipe, or an odor coming from your drainage system, we'll work hard to resolve the problem in no time.

Sewer replacements

If you require frequent sewer repairs or have severe damage caused by tree roots, you will need to replace at least part of your sewer system. Our professional plumbers can inspect and assess your sewer system and provide you with actionable replacement solutions.

Preventive Maintenance Tips

Exposure to sewage presents significant health risks. Limit sewage problems and keep your family safe and healthy by following these preventive maintenance tips.

  • Be careful what you flush — only human waste and toilet paper should go in your toilet. Oil, fats, food scraps, wipes (including flushable and compostable types), and cotton swabs can challenge a sewer system and shouldn’t be flushed.
  • Repair damaged and failing pipes quickly to limit plumbing issues in the future. Even small cracks or signs of damage can lead to big problems with your sewer system if they’re ignored.
  • Follow a regular maintenance schedule. Book a professional sewer cleaning and inspection at least every two to three years. If you have a septic system in your home, you’ll need more frequent servicing — plan on scheduling septic system cleaning and maintenance once a year.

Why Choose Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air Pros for Sewer Services

When you need sewer services in Columbus, OH, Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air Pros is the company to call. Our helpful and experienced team will tackle your emergency repairs, sewer inspections, and routine maintenance. Contact us today and see what our 5-star guarantee is all about.