Do you have an electric vehicle (EV) in your garage, like a Tesla car?  Perhaps you’re thinking of purchasing a Cybertruck. Installing an EV charging station in your home can make charging a vehicle battery faster, easier, and cheaper. However, it’s not a simple task. Apex provides EV charging station installation services in Columbus, OH, to meet the increasing demand and ensure you have a safe and reliable charging system.

The Rise of Electric Vehicles

There are tens of thousands of electric vehicles in the state of Ohio. Overall, sales are growing exponentially. Worldwide sales jumped from a 4% market share in 2020 to 14% in 2022, according to the International Energy Agency.1 The growth in electric vehicle ownership can potentially reduce dependence on oil and other fossil fuels, vehicle emissions, and air pollution. Meanwhile, advancements in EV technology are improving vehicle efficiency, range, performance, and market availability. 

Advantages of Home EV Charging Stations

We understand how homeowners can benefit from a dedicated home EV charging station. While it’s a small investment, it can save you over time. Here are a few advantages of having an EV charger at home:

  • Charge Your EV at Any Time: There are no restrictions on when you can charge your EV. Set it up for a quick charge before you run errands, or leave it plugged in overnight so you have a full charge for your morning commute.
  • Less Costly than Public Charging: If you charge your EV at home, you’re just paying for the electricity. Public charging stations charge fees based on the equipment used. Some apply a time-based pricing model in which you’re charged for each minute or hour your car is connected to the charger.
  • Increased Home Value and Appeal: An electric vehicle charger can increase the value of your home. Your property may appeal more to a buyer who has an EV and is clean energy conscious. As a result, your home may be easier to sell and you can get a higher selling price.
  • Contribution to a Sustainable Lifestyle: If sustainability is your priority, you can lower your carbon footprint with an EV charging station in your home. You essentially contribute to reduced atmospheric emissions and improved air quality.

However, the question may turn to whether you need an EV charging station. It’s worth considering one if:

  • You own or plan to purchase an electric vehicle.
  • Finding public charging stations in your area is challenging.
  • A faster, more accessible charging option is desired.

Apex’s EV Charging Station Installation Services

We offer a comprehensive range of EV charging station installation services. Our team considers a variety of factors to ensure the system meets your needs. We ensure every installation complies with local electrical codes and regulations and is customized based on the requirements of your home and vehicle. Whether you own a Tesla or other EV, we will:

Install a Charging Station Suited for Your Home

Level 1 charging stations work more slowly than Level 2 charging stations. Depending on the Level 2 charger, it can charge an EV battery 4x to 5x faster. Aside from Level 2 systems, we install:

  • Smart Charging Stations: These can monitor charging sessions, stop the charging process automatically, and provide energy load management. 
  • Wi-Fi Enabled Charging Stations: The system can be controlled and monitored remotely while firmware updates are also possible.
  • Portable or Permanently Installed Systems: Portable chargers are convenient when a charging station isn’t available. A permanently installed system provides faster charging and is compatible with any make or model of EV.

Upgrade Your Home Electrical Capacity

When installing an EV charger, it’s often necessary to increase electrical capacity and upgrade the electrical panel, wiring, and other components. Operating an EV charger if it exceeds your existing panel’s capacity can be dangerous and damage your electrical system. We’ll evaluate your home and discuss whether any panel and wiring updates are necessary, such as upgrading to a 200-amp or higher breaker panel, a sub-panel, a dedicated circuit, or GFCI protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install an EV charging station?

Installing the unit takes about two hours on average. However, the entire installation process, including obtaining a permit, running electrical wiring, modernizing your electrical system, and mounting the charging station, can require several days of work.

Can any home support an EV charging station?

The primary concern is whether your electrical panel can handle the extra load. We recommend having at least a 200-amp service panel to support an EV charger’s power requirements. Our technicians evaluate your home’s current electrical demand and perform an electrical load calculation to determine if any updates are needed.

What are the costs associated with EV charging station installation?

Expect to spend a few thousand dollars on EV charging station installation. The costs include the charger unit plus any electrical upgrades. You’ll also need to add the installer’s labor rate and pay for any permits required to complete the project.

Are there government incentives for home EV charging stations?

If you qualify for the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit, you can receive a federal tax credit of 30% for EV hardware and installation costs. The one-time credit is for a maximum of $1,000.2 If your state or municipality offers a rebate on residential EV charger installation, you can save even more.

Is maintenance required for home EV charging stations?

Maintaining your EV charging station helps it run more reliably and efficiently and can prevent costly repairs. We recommend the following maintenance:

  • Keep the equipment clean
  • Store charging cables in a secure location
  • Regularly inspect the charger for damage or wear
  • Promptly address minor issues as they arise
  • Schedule professional maintenance checks

Contact Apex for Home EV Charging Station Installation

Whether you own a Tesla or other electric or hybrid make or model, we can install an EV charging station that offers a seamless charging experience. Our technicians are trained to provide a full range of high-quality EV charger installation services, which include electrical updates, obtaining permits, and mounting and connecting the charging unit. They also ensure the system is correctly set up and tested. If you’re looking for a top-notch EV charging solution in Columbus or surrounding areas, contact Apex online or at (614) 389-9377.