Proper lighting in the home is essential to the safety and efficient function of each household. Properly installed lighting fixtures also provide the perfect ambiance to a home, ensuring the welcoming warmth and comfort we all crave at the end of a long day. When you’re in need of lighting installed in your home, look no further than to the professional team of electricians at Apex Pros. 

When Do I Need Lighting Installation Services?

Quality lighting in your home will go a long way to ensure efficient electricity use, comfort, and safety. Are you unsure if you even need professional lighting installation services? There are key signs that would indicate your need for professional lighting installation services:

Inadequate or Outdated Lighting Fixtures

Perhaps your lighting fixtures are old and are just not providing enough lighting to the area. Whether it is outside, on your driveway, in the garden, or anywhere inside the home, we can help update the lighting and help ensure efficiency and safety once again. 

Insufficient Illumination in Specific Areas

If your current lighting does not reach certain spots, it is time to call the lighting installation professionals at Apex Pros for help. We will help choose a lighting solution for you to ensure that you are getting the right amount of light in all the right places throughout the home. 

Poor Energy Efficiency in Current Fixtures 

Sometimes old fixtures use more electricity than necessary, increasing your energy bills while not providing any more lighting than you’d expect. This problem will have an effect on your wallet. If you feel that your old lighting is the cause of high electricity bills, consider replacing the system with something more energy efficient. 

Home Remodeling or Renovation Projects

Are you in the middle of renovation projects in your home? If so, then it is the perfect time to install new lighting to match the newly remodeled style. Our electricians are experts when it comes to working with remodeling and renovation projects. We will work closely with you to select the perfect upgrades for your home. 

Lighting Installations Services Offered 

We offer a full range of lighting installation services that are always provided at a quality and reliability you can count on: 

  • Residential Lighting Installation 
  • Outdoor Lighting Installation
  • LED Lighting 
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Consultation and Design 
  • Energy Efficient Upgrades 
  • Safety Compliance Services

Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Apex Pros has a team of specialists you can depend on to ensure a well-lit outdoor area. Whether it's your garden, pool area, garage, or patio, we will work with you to get it just right. Our outdoor lighting installation services include the following: 

  • Aesthetic Landscape Lighting
  • Security Lighting (for deterring intruders)
  • Lighting for Pathways and Driveways
  • Smart Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Energy Efficiency Lighting Upgrades

If you’re looking for ways to decrease the light bill, you can fully count on Apex Pros to accomplish that goal. We will conduct a thorough assessment of your current electricity expenditure and lighting to formulate a solution for an upgrade that will deliver these benefits: 

  • LED lighting that will reduce energy consumption 
  • Increased energy savings with the use of motion sensors and dimmer installations
  • Personalized lighting solutions with the help of smart lighting controls

Do not miss out on the savings and customized benefits of upgrading your current lighting system. Call us now to schedule an estimate! 

Lighting Design Consultations 

When working on remodeling or renovating a home, homeowners are frequently tasked with reassessing their current lighting system to make the appropriate upgrades and changes. If you’re in this position, our team of electricians can help you provide professional advice on creating a lighting design that will serve you for many years to come. Our lighting designs are all customized to the needs of each household, with expert advice on fixture selection and placement. 

Apex Pros is Your #1 Provider for Lighting Solutions! 

Our team of electricians offers premier services that will leave your home well-lit, to your satisfaction, and at a cost you can afford. When we serve our customers in the Columbus, OH area, we go out of our way to ensure the following at each interaction: 

  • Free estimate of services
  • Transparent and honest pricing 
  • Satisfaction guarantee 
  • Skilled electricians to provide the lighting solutions you need

Call Us for Lighting Installation Solutions!

Are you in need of new lighting systems in your home? The professionals at Apex Pros will assist you in every step of the installation service, ensuring the quality, safety, and comfort of your home. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate and to learn about the special offers we have going on. 

FAQ: Installation Services 

How can lighting enhance the ambiance of different rooms?

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the ambiance of various rooms. In living spaces, warm and dimmable lights create a cozy atmosphere, while bright and focused lighting is ideal for work areas. Bedrooms benefit from soft and calming lighting, while kitchens and bathrooms benefit from task lighting for functionality. Thoughtful lighting design enhances aesthetics, mood, and functionality in each room.

What are the benefits of LED lighting for my home?

LED lighting benefits homes with energy efficiency, extended lifespan, durability, instant illumination, diverse color options, dimming ability, cooler operation, and environmental friendliness. These lights are adaptable and integrate with smart home systems for automation. LED lighting is cost-effective and eco-friendly, enhancing functionality and ambiance.

How often should I update my lighting fixtures?

Updating lighting fixtures depends on personal preferences, evolving design trends, and technological advancements. As a general guideline, consider updating fixtures every 10-15 years to stay current with styles and take advantage of energy-efficient technologies that may have emerged since your last update.