When you live in Dublin and its surrounding areas, you are no stranger to the hot, humid temperatures in the summer that frequently have you running home for a cooling reprieve. Sometimes it is so hot that having a working ceiling fan is a must to keep a bit of breeze going in the house.  If you’re in need of a ceiling fan installation, look no further than the expert and efficient services of Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air.

Ceiling Fans and Home Comfort 

Ceiling fans are excellent amenities in the home that help Ohio residents survive the often hot temperatures. If your home doesn’t have an air conditioning system, ceiling fans help at least disturb the circulation of air and create a cooling breeze. If your AC is working, the ceiling fan will aid the airflow and help the home reach cooler temperatures faster. 

In short, a ceiling fan provides the following benefits: 

  • Additional support for enhanced energy-efficient cooling and heating systems
  • Enhanced indoor air quality 
  • Year-round comfort with ceiling fans that have a reversible motor
  • Quiet operation in contrast to some of the louder AC and heating unit models
  • Better environmental impact in comparison to AC and heating systems that release greenhouse emissions

Don’t suffer through the Ohio heat and humidity without a ceiling fan! Contact our customer service team today to schedule your ceiling fan installation. 

Signs You Need Ceiling Fan Installation Services

If you’re on the fence about installing a ceiling fan, consider these signs that may indicate your need for a new fan or the installation of one where there wasn’t one before: 

  • No existing ceiling fan
  • Inadequate air circulation 
  • High energy bills 
  • Difficulty regulating temperature
  • Excessive use of air conditioning 
  • Stuffy or stale air 
  • Old or inefficient fan
  • Visible signs of wear and tear
  • Upgrade for style or functionality
  • Recent home construction or renovation
  • Ceiling height changes

If you notice one or more of these issues in your home, a ceiling fan may be just the thing to resolve them.  

Ceiling Fan Installation Services Offered 

At Apex, we are proud to offer a full range of services to ensure first-class ceiling fan installation services. These services include a range of tasks to see to the proper and safe installation of ceiling fans: 

  • Consultation and Assessment
  • Ceiling Height Adjustment
  • Electrical Wiring 
  • Fixture Mounting
  • Balancing and Calibration 
  • Light Fixture Installation 
  • Remote Control or Wall Switch Installation
  • Safety Checks, Testing, and Demonstration 
  • Cleanup

Our ceiling fan installation services are always performed by the trained electricians at Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air. 

Ceiling Fan Placement and Size Consideration

Certain guidelines and factors should be considered when installing a ceiling fan. These guidelines ensure that you get the most out of a ceiling fan. 

Ceiling Fan Placement 

  • The ceiling fan must be placed in the center of the room
  • It must maintain a minimum of 18 inches of space from the walls
  • Allow a clearance of 8-10 inches between the ceiling and fan blades for optimal performance
  • Consider multiple fans for a larger room
  • Choose a weatherproof ceiling fan when installing one outdoors

Ceiling Fan Size Selection

  • The fan size should be chosen in proportion to the room size 
  • Measure the blade span, which is the diameter covered by the spinning blades
  • Adjust the downrod length based on the ceiling height
  • Multiple fans or a dual-motor fan may benefit a larger room
  • Consider aesthetics when choosing a ceiling fan so that it complements your room

Though choosing a ceiling fan may seem like a daunting task, it will be much easier when you have a professional on your side. Call us today for professional assistance and guidance. 

Ceiling Fan Energy Efficiency

At Apex, we go the extra mile to ensure that the ceiling fans we install are from the best manufacturers, are energy efficient, and are of the highest quality. Here are some key energy-efficient features we take into account with modern ceiling fans: 

  • Direct current (DC) motors, consume less energy and less heat while providing the best performance 
  • Energy Star-certified 
  • Integrated LED light fixtures
  • Variable speed settings
  • Reverse functionality
  • Smart home integration
  • Timers and thermostats 
  • Blade design and pitch
  • Remote controls and switches

The beauty of hiring a professional ceiling fan installation tech is that none of these things will have to be your worry! Our team of electricians will do all this hard thinking and heavy lifting for you. 

Emergency Ceiling Fan Services

It doesn’t happen often, but for those moments when your ceiling fan is malfunctioning or refusing to work, we offer emergency services that will restore them to order. Our emergency services include: 

  • Quick response to fan malfunctions or failures
  • 24/7 service availability for immediate assistance
  • Ensuring comfort and safety through prompt action

Call Apex for Ceiling Fan Installation! 

Are you in need of a ceiling fan? Enjoy enhanced comfort and a modern touch to your room with our ceiling fan installation services. With our professional installation techs, you will have a high-rate ceiling fan for many years. 

FAQ: Ceiling Fan Installation

How do ceiling fans contribute to energy savings?

Ceiling fans contribute to energy savings by creating a wind-chill effect, allowing higher thermostat settings, and using energy-efficient components like DC motors and LED lighting. They offer zonal cooling, promote efficient air circulation, and can be integrated with smart home systems for optimal energy use. Additionally, reversible motors enable year-round use, reducing reliance on air conditioning and heating systems.

Can ceiling fans be installed in rooms with low ceilings?

Yes, ceiling fans can be installed in rooms with low ceilings. However, it's important to choose fans specifically designed for low-ceiling applications. These fans typically have a "hugger" or "flush mount" design, which means they are installed directly against the ceiling without the use of a downrod. This ensures that the fan blades have sufficient clearance and prevents the fan from hanging too low in rooms with limited vertical space.