The breaker panel is the single most important electrical component in your home. It accepts power from the electrical grid and distributes electricity to every circuit, appliance, and device. Aside from ensuring electricity is safely distributed, it includes circuit breakers that trip if there’s an overload or faulty wiring, preventing shocks, electrocutions, and fires. However, electrical panels don’t last forever. Apex provides installation and upgrade services in Columbus, OH, if your electrical panel is old, no longer functioning properly, or not meeting the electrical needs of your home.

Importance of Electrical Panels

An electrical panel is a system that safely distributes power throughout your home. Its importance is highlighted by:

  • Centralized Control for Electrical Circuits: You can control each circuit in your home, whether resetting a breaker after an overload or shutting off power to a certain location to address any issues. 
  • Safety Features: Circuit breakers prevent overloads and electrical fires, which can cause substantial property damage, injuries, and loss of life. A breaker trips long before there are devastating consequences.
  • Adaptability to Modern Electrical Demands: Panels up to 200 amps or more can be installed by a professional. They can feature single-pole or double-pole breakers, depending on your electrical needs.

Signs You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Apex is ready to help homeowners in Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas who may require an electrical panel upgrade. The signs you may need a new breaker panel include:

  • Circuit Breakers Trip Frequently: A power draw that is too high will trip a circuit breaker. This is normal. But if your breakers trip repeatedly, the circuit may be overloaded or the panel may be malfunctioning.
  • Modern Appliances and Electronics Aren’t Supported: If you’re adding a dishwasher or larger refrigerator in your kitchen, a large freezer in your basement, or a hot tub in your spa bathroom, you may need a higher amperage panel.
  • Home Additions or Renovations: Remodeling your home often requires increasing electrical capacity, especially if you’re adding or repurposing a room. Your entire electrical system will need to support the added demand.
  • Outdated Fuse Boxes: Fuse panels were outdated by the 1960s. If your home still has fuses instead of breakers, have an electrician install a breaker panel ASAP. A fuse panel is a fire hazard given its age, especially with the power demands of modern homes.

Apex’s Electrical Panel Installation and Upgrade Services

Columbus, Ohio, homeowners depend on Apex for a comprehensive range of electrical panel services. We can assess your home’s current electrical capacity and the condition of your existing panel. If necessary, we can provide an upgrade to a higher-capacity unit to meet increased power demands. Modern circuit breaker panels feature enhanced safety features, such as ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) and arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs).

We also install different types of electrical panels and components, including:

  • Main Service Panels and Subpanels: Our team can complete any electrical panel upgrade and the re-wiring it entails to match your home’s capacity requirements. If you have a home addition or other area more distant from the main panel, we can connect a subpanel for added convenience and efficiency.
  • Single-Pole and Double-Pole Breakers: Single-pole breakers serve 120-volt circuits. Designed for higher-power applications, double-pole breakers provide 240 volts to larger appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, ovens, etc.
  • Smart Electrical Panels with Monitoring Capabilities: In addition to complying with local electrical codes and regulations, some newer electrical panels have reporting, load monitoring, and other smart features. They can track power usage and detect issues that need to be addressed by a professional.
  • Evaluating The Suitability of Existing Panel Setups: Our licensed professionals perform a home electrical capacity assessment to determine your best options. We’ll check your load requirements, panel, and for signs of an overload and find a suitable solution.  

Our goal is to ensure every electrical panel installation and upgrade is successful. A properly selected panel should meet your current and future electrical needs for many decades, so the investment will be worthwhile.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to upgrade an electrical panel?

It takes about an hour to add or replace circuit breakers. However, replacing the main panel can take several hours. But depending on the condition of the wiring and where the new panel is placed, an electrical crew may need a couple of days.

What are the signs of an overloaded electrical panel?

Your electrical panel may be overloaded if:

  • One or more breakers trip frequently
  • Components, wires, or appliances overheat
  • The electrical panel sparks
  • Buzzing sounds come from the panel
  • Wiring insulation is damaged

Can I upgrade my electrical panel myself?

It’s extremely dangerous to take on electrical panel installation without experience. The job requires an understanding of electrical wiring and other skills. Only a licensed electrician should work on an electrical panel.

Are there any safety risks associated with outdated panels?

An aging electrical panel is a safety hazard because its circuit breakers may lose the ability to cut power during an overload. Therefore, excess heat can melt wire insulation and cause a fire. Arc faults, electric shocks, and even electrocution can occur.

Is a permit required for an electrical panel upgrade?

A building permit is required to install a breaker panel and new electrical circuits. It must be obtained by a licensed professional before installation.

Electrical Panel Maintenance Tips

Properly maintaining your electrical panel can optimize its performance, improve safety, and protect your electrical system from damage. At Apex, we suggest the following maintenance tips:

  • Regularly inspect the panel for signs of wear and tear.
  • Avoid plugging too many devices into a circuit.
  • Clean dust and debris from the panel.
  • Promptly call for help if there are any electrical issues.
  • Schedule a professional maintenance check every 2-3 years.

Call Apex for Professional Electrical Panel Installation and Upgrades

Apex is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and improving your home electrical system. We provide electrical panel installation and upgrades in homes throughout Columbus, Ohio, and surrounding communities to improve safety and efficiency. The high-quality equipment we install is reliable and ensures a well-functioning electrical system for many years. Contact us online or call (614) 756-5740 today to request an in-home evaluation.