An LED lighting retrofit can make your home more energy efficient. There are also aesthetic benefits to LED lighting, as it can enhance illumination and make your home look more modern. Planning a retrofit or installing LED lights isn’t as simple as many homeowners believe. For the best results, you need an electrician’s help. At Apex Plumbing, Heating & Air, our skilled electricians have the tools and expertise to ensure your LED lighting retrofit is successful.

Advantages of LED Lighting Retrofits

Our contractors know the latest LED lighting products, while their design and installation experience ensures your Columbus, OH, home has optimal lighting. Transitioning to LED lighting can have many benefits, including:

  • Energy Savings: Depending on your lighting usage, an LED retrofit can reduce your annual energy costs significantly. Lighting accounts for a large portion of energy consumption in homes and businesses.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Compared to traditional lighting, LED fixtures require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan. You’ll save on replacement parts and having to install standard bulbs and fixtures more often.
  • LED Bulbs Last Longer: Incandescent and other light bulbs must be replaced periodically. However, LED bulbs last many times longer, saving you the time and effort of finding, purchasing, and changing light bulbs in your home.
  • Higher-Quality Lighting: The light from an LED fixture is of higher quality. It can achieve a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 90 or more. Aside from brighter light, which can improve mood, productivity, and safety, LED lighting comes in a range of color options.
  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: An LED lighting retrofit can make your home more eco-friendly and shrink your carbon footprint. From reducing energy consumption to the amount of waste produced, it’s a more sustainable option.
  • Increased Safety: The improved brightness and visibility of LED lighting contribute to its safety benefits. You can match the lighting quality to the environment and application. LED bulbs also don’t contain mercury, so there are no health concerns when they break or are being disposed of.

Incorporating smart technology into LED lighting can expand the benefits even further. It supports a more modern upgrade that, depending on the product, can:

  • Allow remote control and automation of lighting settings.
  • Integrate with smart home ecosystems, including voice assistants.
  • Let you create customizable lighting scenes for different moods and activities.

Signs You Need an LED Lighting Retrofit

The first step to an upgrade is to determine if you need an LED lighting retrofit. If any of the following apply, contact Apex so our team can help decide on your best options:

  • High Energy Bills: Traditional lighting uses much more energy. For example, incandescent bulbs convert most of the electricity they use into heat. However, LED lights convert nearly all of it to light.
  • Frequent Replacement of Traditional Bulbs: Incandescent and compact fluorescent
    (CFL) bulbs tend to burn out frequently. If you feel this is unnecessarily wasting time, upgrading to LED lighting can help.
  • Desire for Improved Lighting Aesthetics and Flexibility: LED light fixtures come in a wide range of styles (some even look like traditional bulbs) and allow improvements in brightness, while color choices, dimming, and other options enable more flexible lighting installations.
  • Home Remodeling or Renovation Projects: Larger scale updates to your home can be enhanced with an LED lighting retrofit (why not get the most out of your project?). We can help select lighting schemes for living areas, workspaces, and even outdoor settings.

Apex’s LED Lighting Retrofit Services

We offer a comprehensive range of LED lighting retrofit services. To begin, we’ll assess your existing lighting fixtures. Some standard units can be retrofitted with LED lights; others need to be replaced. Either way, our team will find the best solutions. We’ll upgrade traditional bulbs to their high-efficiency LED equivalents and integrate custom smart lighting solutions where possible. Our technicians are also familiar with the most current lighting standards, so they will ensure every product, update, and retrofit is fully compliant.

Apex also specializes in many types of LED fixtures and retrofits. We can assist with options including:

  • LED bulb replacements for traditional electrical sockets.
  • Retrofit kits for existing light fixtures in your home.
  • LED strip lighting for accent and task lighting.
  • Smart LED lighting systems for automation and control.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Maintain LED Lighting?

Properly maintaining LED lighting ensures optimal performance. Our recommended LED lighting maintenance tips include:

  • Clean and dust fixtures, lenses, and diffusers regularly to improve brightness.
  • Check for flickering or dimming issues that can indicate damage or a loose connection.
  • Make sure the light doesn’t overheat; proper heat dissipation extends the lifespan of LEDs.
  • Adjust brightness levels based on your needs; operating a fixture at a lower capacity reduces wear.
  • Make sure outdoor LED lights have built-in surge protection, are properly sealed, and waterproofed.

How much energy can I save with LED lighting retrofits?

Switching to energy-efficient LED lighting allows you to get the same amount of light while using less energy. According to, you can save $225 per year on average following an LED lighting retrofit.1

Are LED bulbs compatible with existing fixtures?

Most fixtures accept LED bulbs that meet the same specifications as the original bulbs. Just make sure the LED bulb’s actual wattage is compatible with the socket or fixture.

What are the color temperature options for LED lighting?

The color temperature of lights is ranked on the Kelvin (K) scale. Candles are about 2,000K, while daylight ranges from 5,500K to 6,500K. By comparison, most LED lights fall within these categories:

  • Amber: 2,200K
  • Soft White: 2,700K
  • Warm White: 2,800K
  • Bright White: 3,000K
  • Cool White: 4,000K

Is there a difference between warm and cool LED lighting?

The Kelvin temperature scale helps determine the “warmth” or “coolness” of LED lighting. Warm light is generally at 3,000K or below; it has more blue light and appears brighter to the human eye. Warmer lighting takes on the yellowish color of a conventional lamp. Color temperature is a correlation that compares the color of light to the color of metal as it is heated.

Can LED lighting be dimmed?

Most LED lights are dimmable (check the packaging or the bulb for a label or symbol that indicates so). However, connecting one to a standard dimmer switch can cause it to malfunction. You’ll need a specialized dimmer switch compatible with your LED light fixture.

Schedule an LED Lighting Design Consultation

The lighting experts at Apex can provide a comprehensive assessment of your lighting needs. They’ll guide you on the types and placement of fixtures. Depending on your lighting requirements and specific preferences, our team will find a customized solution that accounts for function, aesthetics, and safety in every part of your home.

We’re ready to transform your property with an LED lighting retrofit. Aside from improving its look and function, we can help make your Columbus, OH, home more modern, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly. For top-notch LED lighting solutions and assistance from experienced professionals, schedule service online or call (614) 810-8870 today.