The condition of your electrical wiring and circuits affects the function of your entire home. Keeping them well-maintained prevents safety issues and can avoid power failures and major repairs. Fortunately, you can depend on the skilled team of electricians at Apex for wiring repairs and re-wiring as well as installing and updating circuits and electrical panels. 

Our team is available 24/7 to address your home electrical needs. If your wiring is outdated or faulty, we’ll be there quickly to determine the best solution and ensure your home is safe and code-compliant.

Importance of Wiring and Circuit Maintenance

It is essential to maintain the wiring and circuits in your home for many reasons, including:

  • Safety: Shock and electrocution are major concerns when there is faulty wiring or a malfunctioning circuit in your home. 
  • Fire Prevention: A spark, electrical arc, or other issue caused by bad wiring or circuits can trigger an electrical fire that causes extensive damage.
  • Energy Efficiency: Frayed wires and poorly maintained circuits can waste power and reduce efficiency. They can also cause appliances and electronics to run inefficiently. 

We perform routine inspections to check for any wiring or circuit problems. It also helps to check for signs of wear or damage yourself. If you notice any problems, call us to address them promptly. Meanwhile, you can also protect your electrical system by not plugging in too many devices on a circuit, which can cause a dangerous overload. 

Signs of Wiring and Circuit Issues

Call Apex if you are experiencing any wiring or circuit problems. The following issues should never be ignored as the underlying problem will continue to get worse until there’s a power failure or major hazard such as a fire:

  • Frequent tripped circuit breakers
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Burning odors from outlets
  • Unusual sounds from receptacles or the main panel
  • Outdated or deteriorating wiring

Wiring and Circuit Services from Apex

We’re proud to address all the wiring and circuit needs of homeowners in the Columbus area. You can depend on us for high-quality service if you require any of the following:

Wiring Inspections

Our technicians look for fraying, cracked insulation, loose connections, or exposed wiring and correct any safety issues. Schedule an inspection whether you find a problem, it’s been years since your wiring has been checked, or you’re selling or moving into a home.

Circuit Breaker Panel Upgrades

Whether your panel is running on 60 amps or 100 amps are no longer enough to support your growing demands, we can upgrade your circuit breaker panel. Our team installs 200-amp or higher panels to meet your needs and ensure all devices can be run safely.

Rewiring for Home Renovations or Additions

If you’re renovating or adding to your home, our skilled electricians can determine your wiring needs and provide updates. The proper size and type of wiring ensures your home can safely support new appliances, electronics, and lighting.

Addressing Overloaded Circuits and Electrical Imbalances

An overloaded circuit or electrical imbalance can cause tripped breakers, surges, voltage fluctuations, and even fires. We can install dedicated circuits, ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets or breakers, or whole-home surge protection systems to ensure your home is safe and functional.

Our Wiring and Circuit Expertise

Types of Wiring Systems We Work With

Our licensed and certified electricians are familiar with various wiring systems, some of which are still common yet outdated and have safety issues. At Apex, our wiring expertise includes the following:

  • Knob and Tube Wiring: Installed as far back as the 1800s, knob and tube wiring is unsafe to use with modern fixtures and appliances. It has a low capacity and no grounding conductor and tends to become brittle with age. Let us update your wiring for your home’s safety, code compliance, and insurability.
  • Aluminum Wiring: Homes built or renovated in the 1960s and 1970s often had aluminum wiring installed, which is a fire hazard. It should be replaced to improve safety as well as efficiency.

Upgrading to Modern Copper Wiring: Copper is highly efficient at conducting electricity and significantly reduces the risk of an electrical fire. It is the most commonly used wiring material used in homes and buildings today.

If you’re uncertain about the type of wiring you have, let the pros at Apex evaluate the suitability of your existing wiring system and make recommendations. 

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Outdated electrical panels can easily become overloaded if you plug in too many devices or install a new appliance, such as a dishwasher, refrigerator, or HVAC unit. We can inspect your existing panel to assess its capacity and condition. If it is under 200 amps or shows signs of wear, corrosion, or damage, we can perform an upgrade to increase capacity and accommodate additional circuits.

Large appliances should be run on dedicated circuits to prevent overloads and make electrical maintenance more manageable. Another advantage of upgrading your service panel is the new technologies available. These include safety features like GFCIs, arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs), smart monitoring, and even support for electric vehicle chargers.

Wiring for Home Appliances and Electronics

We install dedicated wiring and circuits for home appliances and electronics. Whether you’re modernizing your kitchen, updating your HVAC system, or installing a jacuzzi or home theater, our team can select and install the proper wiring. We’re familiar with the standards for circuits and wiring best suited for high-powered electronics. Our wiring services improve equipment function, efficiency, and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my home wiring inspected?

If your home is relatively new, a wiring inspection may be needed only every 10 years. But in general, consider having your electrical system inspected every three to five years. Or, schedule an annual check to ensure it’s holding up and for your peace of mind.

What are the signs of outdated wiring?

Signs of outdated or faulty wiring include frequently tripping circuit breakers, dimming or flickering lights, warm wall outlets, scorched receptacles, buzzing or crackling noises, or visibly frayed or damaged wiring. You may also notice strange odors around electrical sockets and fixtures.

Can I DIY electrical wiring repairs?

No type of electrical work is safe to DIY. Replacing, installing, or upgrading wiring requires training, experience, and the proper tools and equipment. Our technicians follow all safety protocols and wear protective equipment when working with electrical wiring. Always hire an electrician to perform wiring work.

What's involved in a circuit breaker panel upgrade?

In some cases, we can add circuit breakers to your existing panel. But if it’s over, at, or near capacity, we’ll install a new electrical panel along with new wiring. If necessary, we replace fuse boxes with breaker panels and can install sub-panels to serve specific areas of your home. Every job entails assessing your electrical needs by precisely calculating how much power is used in your household. 

Is rewiring necessary during home renovations?

Most of the time, you should have your kitchen, bathroom, or entire home rewired during a renovation. These projects often entail installing higher-power appliances and electronics. And, since rewiring often involves tearing down walls and fixtures, it’s more convenient to rewire during a renovation project. Consider a rewiring if it hasn’t been done in the past 30 years.

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