Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air Pros is a trusted residential, commercial, and industrial electrician you can count on for any type of repair or installation job. Our licensed electrical contractors are available 24/7 in case of an emergency. You can also expect 5-star service whether you need us to fix an outlet, re-wire your home, or upgrade your electrical panel.

A Professional Electrician You Can Trust

A licensed, trained, and experienced electrician can help in a variety of ways. From electrical repairs and upgrades to inspections and safety checks, we keep the lights on in every home and business we serve and ensure there are no safety hazards. We are reliable, honest, and effective regardless of the nature or scope of a job. Whether you have flickering lights, a sparking outlet, or a power failure, our team will give you a precise estimate and fix it right.

Our Services

Electrical Repairs

If an outlet, fixture, or appliance isn’t working or there are signs of an overload or faulty wiring, we respond quickly to address the issue at its source. Seemingly minor electrical issues can rapidly escalate into major events such as power failures, shocks, house fires, and electrocutions. 

Electrical Installation & Replacement

From small jobs like replacing an outlet or circuit breaker to large projects such as upgrading an electrical panel or installing a whole-home generator or electric vehicle charging station, Apex works quickly with minimal disruption. We ensure every electrical installation or remodel goes seamlessly.

Electrical Maintenance

We perform electrical inspections per local requirements when major work is done or you purchase a new home. Our clients also depend on us for preventative electrical maintenance that includes testing and evaluating electrical components and equipment. We help maintain everything from wiring systems to generators and electrical distribution equipment.

Wiring and Circuits

A faulty wire is a shock and fire hazard. Call us if you find a stripped, frayed, or damaged wire and we’ll replace it quickly. We also rewire homes in Columbus and install new circuits when, for example, you get a new HVAC unit, jacuzzi, or entertainment system.


Our electricians are experts in lighting design and installation. If you have a problem with a light fixture, a wire, or a junction box, call Apex. We also install accent lighting, recessed lighting, and chandeliers, plus dimmers, timers, and controls.

Electrical Panels

The breaker panel is the nerve center of your electrical system. We make repairs when necessary or upgrade your electrical panel to increase the electrical load your home can handle. You’ll be able to use modern appliances and devices without worry of overloads or short circuits. Let us evaluate your home to determine the best-sized panel or if any subpanels are needed.

Outlets and Switches

Outlets and switches seem simple but have specific wiring requirements. Trust Apex to replace two-prong outlets with three-prong outlets, install updated switches, and ensure they’re compatible with your electrical system and devices. We also install ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets to maximize protection against shock and electrocution.

Appliances and Devices

We install and repair electrical connections and junction boxes of home appliances such as ceiling fans and HVAC equipment. If you’re considering home automation equipment, a security system, or other major update that requires electrical work, Apex delivers high-quality results and exceptional customer service. 

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Upgrades

Home and business owners throughout Columbus, OH, depend on Apex for help with LED lighting retrofits, energy-efficient lighting design, and solar panel installation. We can also perform energy audits to see what home improvements can help save on your utility costs over time. Our technicians receive ongoing training on the latest technologies and products and how to apply them in any setting.

Commercial Electrical Services

Apex provides commercial-grade electrical installations and repairs. We understand the electrical and efficiency requirements of office, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and multifamily dwelling clients. From commercial lighting design (including compliant emergency and exit lighting) to commercial electrical inspections, our team is always up to the task.

Industrial Electrical Systems

We specialize in industrial-grade electrical components and solutions suited for harsher conditions. Our contractors perform industrial electrical inspections and have expertise in motor controls and automation systems. This allows them to address a wide range of electrical requirements in various applications.

Why Choose Our Columbus, OH Electricians

Apex has a team of highly skilled and licensed electricians ready to address any installation, repair, or maintenance requirement. We’re available 24/7 to resolve urgent issues. Our team can meet the electrical needs of residential, commercial, and industrial clients and is committed to providing the highest level of service. To request help and receive a free estimate from our knowledgeable professionals, call (614) 916-9386.