We’ll Protect Your Columbus, OH Home Against Power Surges 

Power surges can cause serious or catastrophic damage to home electronics and appliances. A standard power strip surge protector offers limited protection. The licensed electricians at Apex can install advanced equipment that protects valuable devices and improves electrical safety. Because surges can come from outside and inside your home and strike anytime, it’s best to have a high-quality surge protection system.

Power Surges Pose a Serious Threat

Your home is under a constant risk of power surges. Small surges, an electrical grid issue, or a lightning strike can spike current in your home to unsafe levels. Minor surges wear out appliances over time, potentially leading to early replacement. But stronger surges can suddenly short out equipment and electronics and may trigger a shock, burn, or house fire.

Therefore, it’s important to take surge protection measures. The most effective solutions are those you don’t cannot access or install yourself. An electrician can assess your needs and ensure you benefit from an advanced surge protection solution.

Signs You Need Surge Protector Installation

Surges often occur unnoticed. However, there are common indicators you may require a surge protection system. These include:

  • Frequent Power Fluctuations: Flickering lights, changes in the power level of appliances, and frequent brownouts can mean surges are impacting your electrical system.
  • Circuit Breakers Trip Often: Small surges can cause current spikes that exceed the circuit’s capacity. An electrician can determine if there’s an issue to fix and install a surge protector to avoid further damage.
  • Electronic Devices and Outlets Are Damaged: If an appliance or electronic device is inexplicably damaged or fails, or you notice discolored outlets, you might need whole-house surge protection and possibly an electrical wiring upgrade.
  • You Have Valuable Electronics and Appliances to Protect: If you have a large flat-screen TV, a new refrigerator, home office equipment, or a high-end gaming computer, a surge protection system can avoid issues that put them at risk of premature damage and failure.
  • Desire for Comprehensive Home Electrical Protection: Surge protection systems can avoid fires caused by overloaded wires, circuits, and devices. If your house is filled with outlet surge protectors that offer limited protection and don’t last long, it’s time to consider an upgrade.

Hiring Apex for surge protector installation can yield the following benefits:

  • Shield sensitive devices against electrical spikes.
  • Reduce the risk of fires caused by electrical surges.
  • Prevent expensive repairs to large appliances.
  • Cost-savings by avoiding frequent replacement of electronics.
  • Protect data on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Surge Protector Installation Services We Offer in Columbus

Apex provides a comprehensive range of surge protector installation services. A whole-house surge protector installed at your main electrical panel provides constant protection for your entire home. It stops high voltages from the most powerful surges. We can also install point-of-use surge protectors, including those that connect to wall outlets, protect specific devices, and provide additional receptacles. Or, we can provide energy-saving smart surge protectors that can automatically turn off unused devices and monitor power usage.

Our electrical technicians can evaluate your home, determine your needs, and provide a customized surge protection solution that matches your requirements and safeguards against the most likely threats. Whether you choose a point-of-use or whole-house surge protector, we’ll ensure optimal placement so it provides the most effective protection. We’ll even ensure it’s compatible with your electrical system and determine if other updates are required to improve safety further.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a surge protector work?

Surges can last from a fraction of a second to several seconds and vary significantly in intensity. A surge protector absorbs and channels excess voltage away from circuits and devices. However, every unit has a rated capacity; exceeding this can damage it and cause it to stop working.

Can I install surge protectors myself?

You can install a plug-in outlet or power strip, or a Type 3 surge protector. Type 1 and Type 2 surge protection systems require electrical wiring modifications only a qualified electrician should perform. Installing a whole-house surge protector yourself is dangerous.

Are surge protectors effective against lightning strikes?

A surge protector can enhance the level of protection in your home. However, it is not a complete lightning protection system, so it doesn’t 100% protect devices. True lightning protection catches and transmits electrical energy to the ground before it reaches your house.

Do I need surge protectors if I already have a circuit breaker?

A circuit breaker only protects against a current overload. It does not protect against voltage surges and spikes, which is why you need a surge protector. Both systems work together to protect your electrical system, devices, and appliances from damage.

What is the lifespan of a surge protector?

On average, a surge protector lasts three to five years. Consider replacing it every two years if you experience frequent surges, brownouts, or blackouts. Your surge protector takes a hit every time there is a power surge.

How do I maintain a surge protector?

Periodically check the unit for damage or signs of wear. Check that the plug fits tightly in the outlet and it’s a three-pronged grounded plug. Also, check that devices plugged into the unit are working and there are no warning lights present. 

If there is a significant power surge or outage, replace surge protectors to ensure your home is adequately protected. You may also want to update your surge protection devices or system as newer technologies become available. 

Contact Apex to Schedule Surge Protection Installation

We install point-of-use and whole-home surge protection systems in Columbus, OH, and help select options based on our expertise and knowledge. Our team is committed to protecting your family’s safety and safeguarding your electronics. The right surge protector can extend the lifespan of appliances and prevent shocks, fires, and other hazards. To learn more or request service or a consultation, call (614) 810-8870.