gfci won't reset

What To Do If A GFCI Outlet Trips & Won’t Reset

A GFCI outlet, or ground fault circuit interrupter, is commonly used in areas where electrocution may occur, such as areas near water or exposed wires. It helps prevent electrocution by monitoring the current flow and immediately turning off or “tripping” if it detects an imbalance, preventing shock and injury.  GFCI outlets feature a ‘reset’ button


sewage smell outside house

Why You Smell Sewage Outside Your House

Foul and unexplained sewage smells outside your house would be a nightmare for any Columbus homeowner. However, while the experience may be highly unpleasant, you don’t need to panic. You may assume that your septic tank is the cause of the odors but other culprits could be causing the issue, and not all of them

what size tankless water heater do i need

Sizing a Tankless Water Heater

Home water heater systems in Columbus, OH, are specific to each house — there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, and a water heater is no exception. If you're interested in a tankless water heater for your home but don't know what size you need, you've come to the right place. Read on to learn why size

Apex Pros - What To Do If Your Frozen Pipes Burst

What To Do If Your Frozen Pipes Burst

Frozen pipes are one of the most common winter plumbing issues in the Greater Columbus area. When the water inside pipes freezes, it puts tremendous pressure on it and can result in cracks or bursts. When a frozen pipe bursts, it can cause water damage, mold growth, or even structural damage. Keep reading to understand