The last thing Dublin homeowners want is damaged or broken sewer lines in their homes or yards. With trenchless pipe repair, you’ll get your home back to normal with minimal disruption and potential cost savings over traditional excavation repair. The team at Apex Plumbing, Heat, and Air Pros is available for trenchless pipe repair in Dublin, Ohio, to keep your home comfortable and safe.

Why Choose Apex Pros for Trenchless Repair

Apex Plumbing, Heat, and Air Pros prioritizes customer satisfaction, comfort, and safety. We offer a 5-star guarantee on all our services to residents of Dublin, Ohio, and nearby areas. Our technicians perform trenchless pipe repair along with a wide range of other residential, commercial, and industrial services. Apex aims to deliver high-quality solutions for all of your home’s essential systems.

Our certified and licensed plumbers are constantly learning so they can find the best trenchless repair solution for your home. With no obligation estimates and free second opinions, we pride ourselves on providing customers with trustworthy and friendly customer service.

Each service comes with upfront pricing and recommendations to benefit your home, so you’ll always be well-informed whenever we visit. We ensure that each service has the appropriate permits and complies with local codes and regulations to give you peace of mind.

How Trenchless Pipe Repair Works

Underground pipes in Dublin, Ohio, are exposed to a variety of harsh conditions as they transport wastewater and debris, so they may eventually require replacement. Replacing buried sewer pipes originally required digging up your yard and landscaping, but trenchless pipe repair offers a minimalist, cost-effective, and non-invasive alternative. Trenchless repair can handle collapsed sewer lines, tree root intrusion, and more.

Also called no-dig sewer repair, trenchless pipe repair allows your plumber to access broken or cracked sewer pipes from elsewhere in your system. The plumber starts with an inspection, feeding a specialized camera through the system to precisely locate and assess damage.

Once they’ve determined that trenchless repair is viable for your pipes, they thoroughly clean debris and scour the pipes with augering and hydrojetting to prep them for work. Then, they dig two minor pits at either end of the line to create access points.

From there, your plumber can choose from the two following trenchless pipe repair methods.


Pipelining is ideal for lines with minor leaks and general wear. Using a steel cable and winch, your technician feeds a liner through the access points and the segment of the damaged line, then inflates it in place.

The liner — typically constructed from epoxy — is soft and flexible enough to travel through the line and thin enough to coat the existing line without changing the pipe’s capacity. Once it dries and cures, the liner is extremely durable.

Pipe bursting

Pipe bursting is a great method for repairing major damage that pipe lining can’t fix. The plumber creates access points into the pipe with two pits at either end of the line. They use a steel cable and winch to feed a high-density polyethylene pipe attached to a bursting head. The bursting head breaks the existing line to make room for the new pipe and attaches it to the existing system as the plumber continues to pull it through.

Is Trenchless Right for You?

Trenchless pipe repair is a great solution for many homes in Dublin, Ohio. Traditional pipe repair requires excavation to access your lines and may damage landscaping, patios, and other areas of your home, but trenchless reduces the damage to two minor access points. This prevents additional costs to restore or repair damaged areas and minimizes disruption to your home.

Excavation repair can result in major disruptions, such as being unable to wash dishes, shower, or flush the toilet for days. Trenchless pipe repair can take significantly less time to complete, depending on the complexity of the repair. Most jobs take only one day and require far less labor, potentially translating to lower costs and less overall disruption.

It’s best to address plumbing issues before they escalate and result in major damage and repair costs. You may require trenchless pipe repair if you notice the following red flags:

  • Overly healthy lawn: If you see thriving patches of lawn, the grass and plants may be absorbing nutrients from wastewater leaking from the lines below.
  • Poor draining: Slow draining, multiple clogs, or back-ups into other fixtures suggest blockages deeper in your plumbing system.
  • Unpleasant odors: Blocked and damaged lines can cause bacteria buildup, resulting in foul odors wafting into your home.
  • Gurgling sounds: Gurgling and other sounds from your fixtures can point to pressurized air and water moving throughout your system, indicating blockages or other issues.
  • Pests: Invasive bugs and rodents can enter and escape from damaged plumbing lines.

Call Apex Pros for Trenchless Pipe Repair in Dublin, Ohio

Plumbing problems — and their solutions — are often frustrating and disruptive. Trenchless pipe repair can quickly resolve plumbing issues and give you peace of mind without major disruption to your home.

Our team of licensed plumbers at Apex Plumbing, Heat, and Air Pros is proud to provide repairs, maintenance plans, installations, and more. We serve the following neighborhoods and communities within Dublin, OH:

  • Ballantrae
  • Bridgemill
  • Jerome Village
  • Tuttle Crossing
  • Riverside
  • Worthington
  • Powell
  • Hilliard
  • Upper Arlington
  • Plain City

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does trenchless pipe repair take?

Depending on the scope of the job, pipe bursting and lining usually takes a few hours.

How long does trenchless pipe repair last?

Trenchless pipe repair is a permanent solution that can last as long as traditional repair — between 50 and 100 years.