A heat pump provides a dual service by heating and cooling your home. It helps to regulate your indoor climate throughout the year and is one of several important systems in your home. When something goes awry with your heat pump, it can disrupt your day-to-day life if left unattended.

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Heat Pump Repair Services

It’s not always easy to tell when your system is barreling towards a breakdown. A small problem can quickly damage major components if left unrepaired. Consider heat pump repair if your system is experiencing any of these issues:

New noises

Some noise from your heat pump is normal, especially when it's starting up. However, new noises like hissing, clanking, gurgling, grinding, whistling, and rattling indicate a problem with the system. 

Cool/warm air

Cool air when it should be warm or warm air when it should be cool are signs of an issue with the thermostat, condenser coils, or air filter. 

Weak airflow

Weak airflow from your vents indicates an issue with the fan blower or clogged ducts.

Burning smells or odd odors

Musty smells are common when the heat pump first starts up in the winter season. They usually burn off quickly. Burning rubber or other persistent foul odors indicate a problem. 

Frequent short cycling

A short cycling heat pump indicates issues like a clogged air filter, a damaged electrical component, or a faulty thermostat.

Increased energy bills

Heat pump issues cause your system to compensate for the problem. As it overworks, it uses more energy. A sudden and unexplained increase in your utility bill paired with any of the above signs points to a heat pump problem.

These are only a handful of potential issues your system can experience. For accurate heat pump troubleshooting, contact the team at Apex, Plumbing, Heating, and Air.

Heat Pump Maintenance Services

Our heat pump maintenance is second to none. We provide a whole-home system assessment and heat pump tune-ups that include:

  • A review of the attic, basement, and/or crawl space for insulation and air gaps
  • An inspection of the ducts and duct layout for damage and efficiency
  • A measure of the air exchange rate
  • A thorough inspection of your indoor and outdoor units
  • A complete cleaning of your indoor and outdoor units
  • A full system testing

We also perform indoor air quality (IAQ) testing. Overall, Franklin County has satisfactory air quality. However, pollen, dust, pollutants, and wildfire particulates can significantly impact your home's air quality. If you're concerned about your home's IAQ, talk to us about potential solutions, including air purifiers, UV lights, and air scrubbers.

Heat Pump Installation Services

Whether you're in the market for a system upgrade or need a heat pump replacement, trust the pros at Apex to get the job done right. We help assess your home, determine the best heat pump size, and make recommendations based on your wants and needs. We don't represent any specific brand, but know what works best for Franklin County’s cold winters and hot summers. It's important to us that you get the best system for your home, so we'll provide you with a few options within your budget.

When you're ready for a new heat pump installation, we'll work around your schedule, install the unit quickly and efficiently, and remove and dispose of the old system when we leave.

Why Choose Apex Pros

We understand you have limited time in a day and don’t want to wait around for someone to show up. We’ll arrive on time with a fully stocked truck, prepared to perform minor repairs and parts replacements during the same appointment. 

We know money matters. That’s why we provide a no-obligation free estimate and a 5-star satisfaction guarantee. When you choose us, you’ll receive quality work at the agreed-upon price. 

Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air provides professional heat pump services in Gahanna and the surrounding cities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my heat pump operating efficiently?

Your utility bill is a good indicator of your heat pump’s efficiency, but ultimately, the best way to know for sure is to have it inspected by a licensed technician. They’ll perform various tests to assess the efficiency of your system, including temperature checks, voltage readings, and output measurements.

What happens if I have refrigerant leaks or ice buildup on my heat pump unit?

When the evaporator coils freeze over, pools of water form in the unit or overflow the drain pan as the ice melts. Dirty air filters can cause coils to freeze over. Change your air filter to reduce evaporator coil freeze-ups.

You won’t find pools of refrigerant because coolant evaporates too quickly. Listen for a hissing or gurgling noise as the refrigerant leaks out of the damaged pipes. Contact a licensed technician to top up the coolant and balance the compression.

Are there any visible signs of wear or damage to my heat pump components?

Contact an HVAC specialist if you notice signs of damage to your heat pump components. The damage may seem superficial, but it could quickly lead to a major problem.