With heavy rains and flooding, it’s important to stay ahead of any sump pump replacement and repair in Grove City, Ohio. Our team at Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air Pros can test and inspect your sump pump to make sure it’s ready for any conditions.

Sump Pump Replacement & Repair in Grove City, OH

We offer a variety of sump pump services in Grove City, OH. At Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air Pros, our full-service plumbing pros are ready to respond to routine or emergency services to keep your basement from flooding.

Grove City Sump Pump Experts: Protecting Your Home from Water Damage

Many homes retain excess moisture in their basement or other areas, which can result in mold and mildew growth, musty basement smells, floor and wall damage, electrical danger, pest infestations, and other issues. 

Sump pumps can help combat moisture — installed in a pit or sump in the basement of your home, sump pumps prevent water damage to your home in case of flooding from storms, burst pipes, or other incidents, making them crucial during major rainstorms in Grove City, Ohio. They feature a float activator arm or pressure sensor that activates the pump when water levels grow too high, allowing the pump to automatically direct excess water to a drainage area outside.

At Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air Pros, our plumbers service the following types of sump pumps:

  • Submersible sump pump: Submersible sump pumps are submerged in water in a sump pit. These powerful units can remove both liquid and debris, and the muffling effect of the water means they operate quietly.
  • Pedestal sump pump: Pedestal pumps are configured with a pump in the sump pit and the motor on a pedestal above the pit. While they’re not as powerful or quiet as a submersible option and can only drain liquid, they’re an affordable and durable option. 
  • Battery back-up sump pump: These pumps are supplemental to primary sump pumps and automatically kick on if the primary pump loses power, malfunctions, or is over-capacity.

Why Choose Apex Pros for Sump Pumps in Grove City

At Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air Pros, our experienced, licensed, and insured plumbers perform expert sump pump replacement and repair in Grove City, Ohio. You can trust the “Home of the Pros” to keep your home’s plumbing in good shape and ensure your sump pump is ready for severe storms and heavy rain in Grove City. We provide free estimates and second opinions, and offer clear and detailed explanations of our recommendations before we start working.

We back the quality of our Grove City plumbing services with a five-star customer satisfaction guarantee. With thousands of satisfied customer reviews, our team strives to earn the loyalty and trust of customers through our top-notch customer service and industry-standard methods.

Our Sump Pump Services

Grove City's Reliable Sump Pump Repair Team

Sump pumps work hard to keep your home safe and flood-free — occasionally they need repair or replacement. Our expert plumbers check the full system, clean the unit, and provide sump pump repair recommendations.

Depending on usage and proper maintenance, sump pumps typically last up to 10 years. If you require sump pump replacement, our technicians can help you choose the right replacement model and efficiently complete the installation. If necessary, they may also recommend a secondary or back-up sump pump to minimize basement flooding risk. 

When we perform sump pump repairs and testing, ensure the sump is clear and the discharge hose leads away from your foundation. We offer alternative solutions, such as a permanent underground pipe installation. We’ll also verify that your electrical system is compatible with your sump pump.

Signs You Need Sump Pump Help ASAP

Since a sump pump malfunction leaves your home vulnerable to Grove City rainstorms and flooding, breakdowns always require urgent attention. Call a plumber at Apex Pros Plumbing, Heating, and Air if you notice the following red flags:

  • Strange noises: Excessive sump pump noise, such as rattling, grinding, or squealing, can indicate mechanical failures and broken or loose parts.
  • Constantly running: If your sump pump runs constantly or short cycles, the float switch may be stuck or without power to properly trigger the pumping cycle.
  • Corrosion or rust: Bacteria buildup may cause visible corrosion or rust and can lead to blockages or water flow issues in the drainage lines.
  • Old age: Sump pumps last between seven and 10 years — if yours is reaching the end of its projected life, a proactive replacement can help avoid costly repairs or system failures during flooding.

Call Apex Pros for Sump Pump Service in Grove City, Ohio

Whether your sump pump needs regular maintenance, repair, or replacement ahead of Grove City’s rainy season, our licensed plumbers at Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air Pros are available around-the-clock.

Stay ahead of sump pump problems when you take advantage of a Care Bear Club membership. Enjoy annual inspections and tune-ups, a dedicated customer care phone line, priority scheduling, and discounts on repairs. Contact us at Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air Pros for service by the pros.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to replace a sump pump?

While a new sump pump installation may take an entire day, replacements typically take between two and four hours. The total time depends on the specific details of the replacement.

Can I maintain my sump pump on my own, or should I call a professional plumber?

Minor DIY maintenance and a little know-how can help optimize the condition and performance of your sump pump between professional services. You can check for and remove debris from the pit, verify the check valve’s configuration, and routinely test your sump pump.