Why Choose Us for Newark AC Maintenance

Choose Apex Plumbing, Electric, Heating, and Air for air conditioning maintenance in Newark, OH to keep your air conditioner in peak condition and ready to tackle the hot Ohio summers. 

Our AC Maintenance Process

Newark, Ohio, homeowners can count on Apex Pros for their AC maintenance. We take preventative maintenance seriously. We don’t just look at the air conditioner — we also inspect the duct layout and condition, insulation, air exchange rate, and anything else that may affect your in-home comfort. We’ll clean the unit’s parts, change the filter, refill the coolant (if needed), and test the entire system to check for inefficiencies. 

Maximizing AC performance and efficiency

When it comes to air conditioning maintenance, the aim is to maximize the unit’s performance. We do everything in our power to ensure your AC is running as it should, calibrating settings to best fit your home and making adjustments as needed. 

Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

There are many reasons to have your air conditioner regularly checked by a pro. An air conditioner tune-up ensures you have the most reliable AC unit possible, and you’ll see real energy savings when your unit runs efficiently. 

Schedule regular maintenance appointments for your home cooling system can also help with the following:

  • Alleviate allergies - Air conditioners can hold allergens and dust in their filters. The longer you go without cleaning and maintaining the machine, the more it saturates your breathing air with allergen molecules, causing problems for those with allergies or asthma. 
  • Maintain the warranty - If you look closely at your AC unit’s warranty, it may stipulate that a professional must maintain the machine to uphold the agreement. If you try to DIY your maintenance or put off having it looked at, you may unintentionally void your warranty. 
  • Keep the house smelling fresh - A neglected air conditioner can start to blow odors as it gathers moisture, dust, and biological material from the air in your home. Have a pro take the unit apart and give it a thorough cleaning to eliminate stale odors from the air

Preventing wear and tear on your air conditioner is often as simple as ensuring the moving pieces are lubricated and the unit is clean. Let Apex Pros take care of your air conditioner to help you avoid more expensive repairs and replacements for years to come. 

Why Newark homeowners choose annual tune-ups

The hot Ohio summers are no joke, so Newark homeowners will want to keep their home cooling system in tip-top shape. Book your annual cooling system tune-up in the spring before the full heat of the summer rolls in. 

Time to Schedule Your Tune-Up

Call Apex Pros or use the online scheduling system to book your AC unit’s annual maintenance. Now’s the time to prepare for the summer season. 

Get summer-ready with a cool, efficient AC 

Newark, OH, and the surrounding areas get hot and humid during the summer, so properly functioning AC is essential. Book your tune-up early so you’re ready for when the temperature rises past 80 degrees. You’ll be glad you did.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How often should I have my AC serviced in Newark, Ohio?

Air conditioner service in Newark, OH, should be done twice a year to prevent breakdowns and ensure proper operation. Apex Pros’ preventative maintenance plan includes an annual tune-up and discounts on repairs and indoor air quality systems. 

What does a typical AC maintenance visit include?

When you book HVAC maintenance in Newark, Ohio, count on us to be on time and ready to work. Our vehicles are stocked with all the parts and tools we need. We’ll respect your home as we work, keeping our presence as low-key as possible to minimize disruption to your life. The job gets done within an agreed-upon timeframe and budget. If you’re unhappy, we’ll come back and fix the issue — that’s our 5-star guarantee. 

Can I do my own AC maintenance, or should I always call a professional?

While it's possible to DIY simple jobs like filter changes, it's usually in your best interest to call a professional for help. Air conditioners are complex, and you run the risk of injury or breaking the unit. DIY repairs may also void your warranty.

What are the signs that my AC needs maintenance?

Your AC likely needs maintenance if you notice weak airflow or warm air blowing out, water leaks, bad smells, strange noises, or short cycling (the unit runs for short periods, and then turns off before the room is cool). 

Are there any benefits to signing up for an AC maintenance plan?

A maintenance plan gives you peace of mind that your AC is working its best. Newark, OH, residents can join the Apex Pros Care Bear Club to take a proactive approach to AC maintenance. Annual tune-ups and inspections help ensure a longer-lasting, efficient AC running at optimal performance.  

Contact Apex Pros Today 

The city of Newark has a blend of updated heritage homes, modern builds, and everything in between. Apex Pros technicians are trained in maintaining and updating AC systems from all eras. They have the skills and knowledge necessary for any job, with cutting-edge HVAC tools and top-tier customization skills. 

Contact us today at (614) 860-5426 to schedule a service call or ask questions. We’ll answer the phone 24 hours a day. With locations in Newark, Gahanna, Dublin, and Columbus, we can send a skilled HVAC tech to your home within a few hours. If you’re having AC issues, don’t try to DIY it — call Apex instead!