You rely on your plumbing everyday, and few things disrupt your routine like a persistent clog, overflowing sink, or major leak. At Apex Pros, we offer drain repair in Newark, Ohio and surrounding areas to help resolve plumbing issues as quickly as possible.

Whether you need kitchen drain repair or main sewer line repair in Newark, Ohio, Apex Pros is available 24/7 to help.

Why Trust Apex Pros for Drain Repair

Customer safety, comfort, and satisfaction is our main priority. From simple clogs to more demanding repairs, we pride ourselves on providing knowledgeable and fast services whenever you need an immediate drain repair in Newark, Ohio. We stand behind the quality of all our services, which is why we offer a five-star satisfaction guarantee for our customers.

Our plumbers possess licenses and training in industry-standard technologies and methods. Customers know our team not just for their expert skills, knowledge, and experience, but also their reliable and friendly customer service. We provide second opinions on repairs and replacements at no charge. Our services always include upfront pricing before we start working and we’ll only recommend services you can truly benefit from.

Our Drain Repair Services

At Apex pros, our team of plumbers is prepared for everything including unclogging, drain cleaning, leaks, and other repair needs. We’re available around the clock for emergency drain repair, and our technicians arrive on-time and with a van stocked with modern equipment, replacement parts, and anything else your repair might need.

Snaking and augering

Plungers and chemical drain cleaners aren’t always the most effective or safe long-term solutions for clogged drains. To address clogs and blockages in your toilet, shower, and drains, our plumbers use automatic augering equipment for precise and powerful clog removal.

Leak detection

Using advanced audio detection and other modern and non-invasive techniques, our plumbers can identify leaks without digging up your yard or tearing down walls. We’ll identify the underlying cause of the leak and repair it before it escalates further.

Trenchless drain repair

Digging up damaged or aging pipelines from your yard can be disruptive, expensive, and labor-intensive, which is why our plumbers can provide modern no-dig sewer repair services, more commonly called trenchless drain or sewer repair for otherwise hard-to-access areas.

Over a day or two, we’ll use cameras to locate damaged piping, remove blockages, and clean existing pipes. Then, we'll use either the pipe bursting technique to feed a cable containing a new pipe through your existing pipes or the pipe lining technique to insert and inflate a coated liner.

Video inspections

Drain problems are sometimes tricky to diagnose based on guesswork and visible symptoms alone. However, with state-of-the-art camera inspection equipment and methods, we can determine the source of the issue in even the least accessible parts of your system. Camera equipment sends a live recording to a monitor, from which your plumber can see the problem firsthand and provide a precise diagnosis and solution.

Tree root removal

Tree roots naturally grow toward moisture and nutrient sources and can invade pipes, leading to clogged, damaged, leaking, or burst pipes. Once we assess the problem, we perform hydro jetting, trenchless pipe repair, or other techniques to evict invasive tree roots.

Hydro jetting

Hydro jetting is one of the most effective drain cleaning solutions. After inspecting your pipes and ensuring they’re compatible with hydro jetting, we use a hose and specialized nozzle to drive high-pressure water into a precise area of your system. This method doesn’t just break up clogs — it also thoroughly scours and cleans the line, fully flushing out the blockage, residual build-up, and preventing a recurring clog. 

Signs You Need Drain Repair ASAP

The poor drain and plumbing performance can hint at underlying problems or repair needs. Leaving issues unaddressed can lead to bigger problems, escalated repairs, and emergencies, which can likewise impose high repair costs, damage your home, and lengthen the lifespan of your equipment. Call a plumber at Apex Pros if you notice the following:

  • Slow drainage: Slow-draining fixtures or standing water indicates a blockage or clog due to grease, soap, or other debris in your drains.
  • Water and waste backup: When drain lines clog deeper in the system, it can cause water or waste to backup into another fixture in your home.
  • Unpleasant odors: Debris in your pipes can begin to smell as it develops bacteria and waft foul smells into your home.
  • Frequent clogging: Occasional clogs are normal, but persistent clogs may indicate that your drains need deep cleaning, unclogging, or root removal.
  • Gurgling sounds: Gurgling drain sounds suggest that water is pushing through tight areas and driving pressurized air throughout your system and can indicate damaged pipes.
  • Increased water bills: Aside from normal water usage fluctuations, inexplicably high water bills may be a warning sign of leaky pipes.
  • Pests: Flies, rodents, and other pests can signal various issues — they seek nutrient sources in your pipes, such as food buildup, and they can enter or exit the lines via damaged sections.

Call Apex Pros for Drain Repair in Newark, Ohio

Whether you have a backed up drain, overflowing toilet, urgent drain repair, or maintenance needs in Newark, Ohio, our licensed plumbers are ready to help.

We’re proud to offer five-star guaranteed service to Newark, Heath, Johnstown, Hanover, and other Ohio areas. Contact us today to book a service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fix a clogged drain myself, or should I always call a plumber?

Everyday clogs are approachable DIY tasks if you have a plunger or auger, and you may be able to repair minor damage with a little plumbing know-how. All other issues are best left to skilled professionals as errors can cause further damage and increase repair costs. Some plumbing problems may also be health hazards, such as gas line repairs or sewage biohazard exposure.

How can you tell if an underground drain pipe is damaged?

A damaged drain pipe under your home’s foundation may cause mold, pooling water, and structural issues like raised floors or foundation cracks. Abnormally lush grass, standing water, and sinkholes may indicate a damaged pipe in your yard.