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There's No Time Like Now To Schedule Water Heater Maintenance

Schedule Water Heater Maintenance Today To Avoid Getting Stuck Without Hot Water!

Hot water is essential for modern life. Sure, it's possible to get by without hot water, but it's not ideal. After all, hot water is a major part of keeping things and people clean. Whether it's hand washing or dishwashing, hot water is essential for washing away harmful germs and bacteria. And there's only one appliance that provides the home with hot water. It's the hard-working, unsung hero of modern life: the water heater

But without proper water heater maintenance, things can start to go wrong really quickly. Homeowners may find themselves without hot water if they're not careful. Luckily, maintenance is a breeze, as this article covers below. 

Is Water Heater Maintenance Really Necessary? plumber

For an appliance that sees near-constant use every single day, it's surprising that water heaters last as long as they do. Most water heaters can last 15 years. Newer models can even provide hot water day in and day out for up to 20 years. But this all depends on proper maintenance. For homeowners to get the most out of their water heaters, they must schedule maintenance, preferably once or twice a year. 

But it's not just keeping the hot water flowing that maintenance helps with. It's the efficiency of the unit. When water heaters aren't maintained properly or as often as they should, it's pretty much a guarantee that they'll lose efficiency. Homeowners may not notice this reflected on their utility bill at first because this happens gradually. But rest assured that a neglected water heater costs the homeowner more money than one that's proper maintenance. 

What Does Water Heater Maintenance Include?

Plumbers work through several specific steps to maintain a water heater. The major steps are as follows:

  • Flushing out the system - Minerals will build up in the water heater tank over time. This sediment needs to be flushed regularly. If it's not, it can cause leaks, hamper efficiency, and drastically reduce the appliance's life. 
  • Testing the temperature-pressure relief (TPR) valve - This valve opens if the pressure gets too high in the tank. If it malfunctions, it could severely damage the appliance. 
  • Checking the anode rod - This rod is important for protecting the inside of the tank and should be replaced if it goes bad. 
  • Ensure the temperature is optimal - One should set the temperature within a certain range (usually between 120- and 140-degrees Fahrenheit. 

Warnings Signs a Water Heater Needs Repair water heater

It's also good to have a professional look at the water heater if something seems a little (or a lot) off. The homeowner should look for the following signs that something's wrong with the water heater:
  • Strange noises, such as screeching, banging, or whistling
  • Discolored hot water
  • Bad-smelling hot water
  • No hot water
  • Scalding hot water
  • Water leaking from the water heater
  • Low water pressure when using hot water but not cold water

Scheduling water heater maintenance can help prevent unexpected issues like the ones above. Overall, water heater maintenance is a way to save money and prolong the life of the appliance while preventing common problems.

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