Repair ACWhen you need air conditioner repair in Westerville, OH, you need it right away. Air conditioners tend to break down when they're being used the most, which is on the hottest days. Unfortunately, that's when you need it the most, and even going one day without an AC repair will get uncomfortable. During a heat wave, many air conditioners break down when temperatures get dangerously high. Having your HVAC unit fail during extreme heat can put your family at risk of heat-related heath problems. If you've noticed anything unusual, don't put off having a qualified technician look at it. Small repairs can turn into larger ones if they're delayed.

Expert Air Conditioner Repair in Westerville

Your air conditioner will often start showing signs that there's a problem before it finally stops working. You may notice that the air blowing through the vents isn't as cold. When this happens, your system may run more often or even continually because it's having trouble cooling your Westerville home. You're not going to know if you just need a recharge or if there's something more serious needing AC repair. Regardless, if your system is running all the time, this can lead to even more problems.

You may start to notice a strange noise coming from the fan. This could just mean the belt is worn, the fan motor is going out or something more complex. Even though your air conditioner is still working, you want to fix the problem before it breaks down. Some issues, such as a clogged drain pipe, can cause other problems that affect more than your HVAC system. If the water backs up, you can end up with costly water damage to your home. Many repairs turn out to be simple adjustments and can prevent major problems down the road. You should always schedule air conditioner repair at your convenience sooner rather than waiting until you need emergency service later.

There are many common signs that your system is in need of AC repair:
  • Lukewarm air coming through the vents
  • Unusual noises
  • Rusty water coming from your AC drain pipe
  • Your system has trouble starting
  • Thermostat issues

Give us a call right away to prevent your HVAC system from breaking down if you notice any of these signs.

Westerville's Best AC Repair Team

At Apex Plumbing, Heating, and Air Pros, we pride ourselves on providing our customers in Westerville with fast, knowledgeable service. No matter what issue you're having with your HVAC system, you can be confident that our licensed and highly-trained NATE-certified technicians will get the job done right. We aim to provide exceptional service because we know how important it is to keep your system running efficiently. We offer 24/7 local air conditioner repair, day or night, so we're available when you need it most.

With many years of experience in plumbing and HVAC service, we're here for our customers and treat them like family. Since we're not happy if you're not happy, we offer our 5-star satisfaction guarantee. That means if you disagree that we've provided 5-star service, we'll make it right. We're also happy to provide a second opinion whenever you need one free of charge. We ensure to stay up-to-date on the latest technology, so you can rely on our expertise. This is why we're known as the “Pros Who Knows.”

If you have issues with your air conditioner and want qualified, professional service, our highly-skilled technicians are here to help. Call us to schedule air conditioner repair in Westerville today!