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Spring Is the Time of Year for Outdoor Clogs

Don’t Let a Spring Clog Destroy Outdoor Fun

Imagine a scenario in which a homeowner wakes up on a beautiful Saturday in the spring, prepared for a day of yard work and fun with friends and neighbors outside to enjoy the weather. They take a step out onto the back lawn and Splash! they step into a huge dirty puddle of standing water. The yard is flooded, and the busy Saturday plans are completely shot. This is probably due to clogs in the outdoor drainage system. 

There are simple solutions, but homeowners mustn’t go raiding the store shelves for chemicals or attempt to use a routing tool that may do more harm than good.

Examples of Outdoor Fixtures

When people normally think of outdoor fixtures, they tend to think of only an outdoor faucet, but there are many other options for outdoor plumbing. 

  • Faucets and hoses
  • Irrigation systems
  • Outdoor shower facilities
  • Outdoor drainage systems

Take a moment to focus on drainage systems. These systems capture excess water in a yard and remove it much as a sewer grate captures and removes water from a street or sidewalk.  This prevents flooding and, in the case of a yard, it saves the landscaping from overwatering.


What Causes Outdoor Clogs?

While indoor clogs tend to come from human waste, toilet paper, hair, or food particles, outdoor clogs tend to come from the outdoor environment. Clogs in a drainage system tend to be  items such as:

  • Dirt: Heavy rains may loosen dirt and cause it to block up the drainage pipes.
  • Leaves: The fallen leaves from the fall and winter can disintegrate, and the layers build up within the drain like a stack of papers. This creates a surprisingly strong clog, just as a whole stack of papers resists tearing. 
  • Burrowing: Animals such as moles and gophers can cause clogs when they are making their nests. The dirt and vegetation they move causes issues with the drain.
  • Roots: Trees and plants make a yard beautiful, but their roots can also wreak havoc on pipes in their continuous search for a water source.

All of these problems tend to happen when the homeowner is not looking. Some can be prevented by maintenance, but others cannot be detected until they have already caused a backup.


The Solution: Hydro Jetting

To save a yard from the mess that is an outdoor drainage clog, the best solution is not the chemical or the traditional snake. Both of these options may clear a clog, but they can damage the pipes in the process. The best choice is hydro jetting, which simply uses water to break up the aforementioned clog.  

Using a high-pressure hose with a valve attachment that looks like a balloon, the plumbing professional will snake the hose into the drainage pipe and turn on the water. Water will fill the “balloon,” creating a block in the line and force the high-pressure stream of water through to break up the clog of mud or leaves. Problem solved.

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