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Reasons Your Home Needs a Yard Drain

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A well-designed yard drainage system is vital to keeping your home and lawn healthy and safe. It also ensures you get the best return on investment when it comes time to sell your property.

Types of Water Drainage Systems

Once you have decided that you need a yard drain, we can help you select the best type of drainage system to suit your needs and property. Common types include the following.

French Drains: These drains operate below the surface to carry away water. We often pair them with a sump pump to move water faster out of an area in flood-prone areas.

Dry wells: A dry well is an underground chamber made out of concrete or plastic that collects and disperses runoff. This container has holes and is surrounded by gravel, allowing water to seep into the ground slowly.

Catch Basins: This type of system consists of small pits designed to capture surface runoff and redistribute it through piping or into a dry well.

Swales: Swales are long, shallow depressions in the landscape that are designed to collect and direct water.

Regular maintenance is critical to ensure that your yard drainage system works at its full potential. It's also important to check it regularly for any signs of blockage or damage. Additionally, you should consider setting up an underground filter system to prevent pollutants from entering groundwater supplies or nearby streams if you live close to a body of water. Here are some reasons why your home needs a yard drain.

Prevents Soil Erosion

Heavy rains can quickly erode away at unprotected soil, leaving bare patches in your lawn or garden beds that are difficult to restore. Yard drains help to prevent soil erosion by allowing water to flow away from the yard more quickly.

Excess water flow in your yard can clog waterways. This occurs when excess water flow carries lawn clippings and other debris into key points of your drainage system. We can address the issue by installing drainage systems with underground pumps and pipes, especially for big yards.

Prevents Standing Water

A yard drain redirects rainwater away from the house and into a designated outlet such as a street, storm drain, or ditch. To install a yard drain, we dig a trench in the area where you want the water to flow out.

The trench should be sloped to take the water downhill to prevent any backflow toward your house. Once the trench is dug, we line it with gravel and add a length of pipe with holes leading to an appropriate outlet. The pipe collects water through the holes. We then fill the space with gravel to protect the pipe from shifting soil and surrounding rock.

This will ensure water flows out of your yard properly instead of pooling up at certain points, which can cause unsightly stains on your lawn's surface. It can also attract mice and rats.

Reduce the Growth of Algae

Algae can thrive in wet areas of your yard. Poor drainage accumulates water, encouraging the growth of these unwanted plants. However, yard drains channel away excess runoff and direct it to an area like a rain garden, which usually incorporates aeration to prevent the growth of algae. The water will be redirected off your property if you do not have a rain garden or a pond with aeration. This helps to keep your lawn looking healthy and reduces the risks of slipping on a slick surface.

Reduce Mosquitos

Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitos, so draining this away reduces their numbers drastically. Some drainage systems also filter out debris and other materials that can act as habitats for mosquitos.

Better Root Systems

A sound drainage system allows water to escape, preventing soil degradation. Soil erosion can expose tree and plant roots, making them susceptible to damage from pets, people, and machines.

Additionally, inadequate drainage can result in soil compaction, which limits water and oxygen's ability to penetrate. This lack of an ideal environment for roots makes it hard for your plants, trees, and lawn to grow healthy.

Protects Your Home’s Foundation

Poor yard drainage can cause flooding and seepage that can cause structural damage to your home's foundation. Installing a yard drain prevents this type of water damage and ensures there is less pressure on your foundation by redirecting runoff away from the house.

Puddling water in your basement adds moisture to your basement environment, thereby increasing humidity levels. Therefore, a good yard drain prevents high humidity levels and protects your belongings stored in the basement from humidity and moisture.

Increases Microbial Decomposition

The soil in your yard is full of microorganisms that continuously decompose organic matter. Excessive water saturation in the soil prevents these microbes from breaking down the organic matter as quickly, making your garden or grass less healthy.

A proper drainage system allows the microbes to do what they do best: decomposing leaves and other plant matter, which becomes food for the plants and grass. The result is a healthier garden or lawn.

Adds Property Value

Adding a yard drain to your property makes it more attractive to potential buyers due to improved aesthetics and drainage. Secondly, efficient drainage systems provide peace of mind that flooding and water damage are less likely — something that potential buyers consider when assessing a home.

Allows for Water Reuse

A well-designed yard drainage system lets you direct water to areas of your property that can benefit from it. This means you can use the runoff to irrigate flower beds and lawns, saving money in the process.

You can also collect rainwater using special tanks and reuse the water in various ways around your home or garden. This ensures a regular supply of water, especially for homeowners who live in areas with water use restrictions.

Protect Pavement

If your home has a driveway, walkway, or patio, the lack of a drainage system can cause water to accumulate and break down the surface of these areas. This issue is worse in the winter when water in cracks or crevices may freeze and expand.

Increases Property Safety

A yard drainage system helps divert the runoff away from your property so that it doesn't accumulate near any walkways or other areas where people may walk. This reduces the risk of falling when walking in slick, muddy areas.

Keeps Your Yard Looking Great

Water naturally draws the eye and can act as a feature in your garden. But if it doesn't drain properly, it will quickly become an ugly mess that can be difficult to manage. Installing a drainage system helps keep water in its place, creating a beautiful landscape for everyone to enjoy.

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